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By subscribing to the Learning & Development Community website, you agree to abide by the following usage terms and restrictions that allow KR/KR Publishing to protect the copyrights of its products:

  1. You may print copies of the e-books or other downloadable products for your personal use only. You may not lend, sell or otherwise transfer any copies to another user.

  2. You may copy/paste up to 10 pages for your personal use only. You may not copy/paste any diagrams, figures, or artwork.

  3. Except as permitted above, you may not copy the file or any part of the file for any purpose, including to move the file to a different computer or to lend, sell or otherwise transfer the e-books or other downloadable products to another user.


If you have any questions about these restrictions, you may contact KR Publishing at +27 (0)11 706 6009 (8 am - 4 pm).




KR and related companies recognise the importance of protecting the information collected from users in the operation of this website, and take reasonable steps to maintain the security, integrity and privacy of any information in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Policy. By submitting your information to KR you consent to the practices described herein. 

KR will ensure that any identifiable personal information it collects during the registration and purchasing processes will be adequate, relevant and not excessive for purposes of operating this website or any of the services operated here under, it will be kept accurate and up-to-date based on information provided and it will be deleted when no longer needed. Except where necessary in connection with services provided by appropriate intermediaries, who will be required to comply with the confidentiality provisions of this policy, KR will not disclose any personal information identifying users to any third party, unless required by law or otherwise needed in connection with legal proceedings or unless we have received your consent. 

Links may be provided from this website to other third party websites. In using such links, users should be aware that each third party website will vary in terms of its privacy and data protection policies. 

KR does not take responsibility for the privacy policies of any information collected by others. 

KR reserves the right to modify its privacy policy at any time without notice. 

Any comments, questions or suggestions concerning this policy should be addressed by entering your comments through our Contact Us page or a written request to The Webmaster, Knowledge Resources, PO Box 3954, Randburg, 2125.

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