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As a KR Learning & Development Community member you will  enjoy access to unrivalled market knowledge along with practical support for your continuous professional development. What's more, you become integrated into a huge network of like-minded professionals. Members to this community are provided with a voice/platform and are encouraged to share their content, stories, case studies etc.  Membership supports your professional development and enhances your career potential.

Additional benefits:

  1. Belonging to the largest L&D community in South Africa

  2. Flexible membership options for individuals and corporates

  3. 20% discount on all KR events

  4. 20% discount on all KR books

  5. Exclusive access to resources (articles, presentations, books and tools) essential to help you grow your professional career.

  6. Complimentary access to our webinars where L&D experts share their knowledge and skills. 

  7. Exclusive access to all community members enabling you to connect and grow your network. 


2 - 5 members

R 2 400 per person


5 + members

R 2 250 per person


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